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// **********************************************************************
// Copyright (c) 2003-2005 ZeroC, Inc. All rights reserved.
// This copy of Ice is licensed to you under the terms described in the
// ICE_LICENSE file included in this distribution.
// **********************************************************************

#ifndef CS_UTIL_H
#define CS_UTIL_H

#include <Slice/Parser.h>
#include <IceUtil/OutputUtil.h>

namespace Slice

class SLICE_API CsGenerator : private ::IceUtil::noncopyable

    virtual ~CsGenerator() {};

    // Convert a dimension-less array declaration to one with a dimension.
    static std::string toArrayAlloc(const std::string& decl, const std::string& sz);

    // Validate all metadata in the unit with a "cs:" prefix.
    static void validateMetaData(const UnitPtr&);

    static std::string fixId(const std::string&, int = 0, bool = false);
    static std::string typeToString(const TypePtr&);
    static bool isValueType(const TypePtr&);

    // Generate code to marshal or unmarshal a type
    void writeMarshalUnmarshalCode(::IceUtil::Output&, const TypePtr&, const std::string&, bool, bool,
                                   bool, const std::string& = "");
    void writeSequenceMarshalUnmarshalCode(::IceUtil::Output&, const SequencePtr&, const std::string&,
                                           bool, bool);


    class MetaDataVisitor : public ParserVisitor

        virtual bool visitModuleStart(const ModulePtr&);
        virtual void visitModuleEnd(const ModulePtr&);
        virtual void visitClassDecl(const ClassDeclPtr&);
        virtual bool visitClassDefStart(const ClassDefPtr&);
        virtual void visitClassDefEnd(const ClassDefPtr&);
        virtual bool visitExceptionStart(const ExceptionPtr&);
        virtual void visitExceptionEnd(const ExceptionPtr&);
        virtual bool visitStructStart(const StructPtr&);
        virtual void visitStructEnd(const StructPtr&);
        virtual void visitOperation(const OperationPtr&);
        virtual void visitParamDecl(const ParamDeclPtr&);
        virtual void visitDataMember(const DataMemberPtr&);
        virtual void visitSequence(const SequencePtr&);
        virtual void visitDictionary(const DictionaryPtr&);
        virtual void visitEnum(const EnumPtr&);
        virtual void visitConst(const ConstPtr&);


        void validate(const ContainedPtr&);

        StringSet _history;
      bool _globalMetaDataDone;



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