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// **********************************************************************
// Copyright (c) 2003-2005 ZeroC, Inc. All rights reserved.
// This copy of Ice is licensed to you under the terms described in the
// ICE_LICENSE file included in this distribution.
// **********************************************************************


#include <IceUtil/Config.h>
#include <IceUtil/Exception.h>

namespace IceUtil

// The CtrlCHandler provides a portable way to handle CTRL+C and
// CTRL+C like signals 
// On Unix/POSIX, the CtrlCHandler handles SIGHUP, SIGINT and SIGTERM. 
// On Windows, it is essentially a wrapper for SetConsoleCtrlHandler().
// In a process, only one CtrlCHandler can exist at a given time: 
// the CtrlCHandler constructor raises CtrlCHandlerException if
// you attempt to create a second CtrlCHandler.
// On Unix/POSIX, it is essential to create the CtrlCHandler before
// creating any thread, as the CtrlCHandler constructor masks
// SIGHUP, SIGINT and SIGTERM; by default, threads created later will 
// inherit this signal mask.
// When a CTRL+C or CTRL+C like signal is sent to the process, the 
// user-registered callback is called in a separate thread; it is 
// given the signal number. The callback must not raise exceptions.
// On Unix/POSIX, the callback is NOT a signal handler and can call 
// functions that are not async-signal safe.
// The CtrCHandler destructor "unregisters" the callback. However
// on Unix/POSIX it does not restore the old signal mask in any
// thread, so SIGHUP, SIGINT and SIGTERM are then ignored.
// TODO: Maybe the behavior on Windows should be the same? Now we
// just restore the default behavior (TerminateProcess).

typedef void (*CtrlCHandlerCallback)(int);

class ICE_UTIL_API CtrlCHandler

    CtrlCHandler(CtrlCHandlerCallback = 0);

    void setCallback(CtrlCHandlerCallback);
    CtrlCHandlerCallback getCallback() const;

class ICE_UTIL_API CtrlCHandlerException : public Exception
    CtrlCHandlerException(const char*, int);
    virtual const std::string ice_name() const;
    virtual Exception* ice_clone() const;
    virtual void ice_throw() const;


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