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// **********************************************************************
// Copyright (c) 2003-2005 ZeroC, Inc. All rights reserved.
// This copy of Ice is licensed to you under the terms described in the
// ICE_LICENSE file included in this distribution.
// **********************************************************************


#include <IceUtil/Config.h>
#include <IceUtil/RecMutex.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <set>

namespace IceUtil

class ICE_UTIL_API Options

    struct Error
        Error(const ::std::string& r) : reason(r) {}
        ::std::string reason;

    struct APIError : public Error
        APIError(const ::std::string& r) : Error(r) {}

    struct BadOpt : public Error
        BadOpt(const ::std::string& r) : Error(r) {}

    struct BadQuote : public Error
        BadQuote(const ::std::string& r) : Error(r) {}

    enum LengthType { ShortOpt, LongOpt };
    enum RepeatType { Repeat, NoRepeat };
    enum ArgType { NeedArg, NoArg };

    void addOpt(const ::std::string&, const ::std::string& = "",
                ArgType = NoArg, ::std::string = "", RepeatType = NoRepeat);

    static ::std::vector< ::std::string> split(const ::std::string&);
    ::std::vector< ::std::string> parse(const ::std::vector< ::std::string>&);
    ::std::vector< ::std::string> parse(int, const char* const []);
    bool isSet(const ::std::string&) const;
    ::std::string optArg(const ::std::string&) const;
    ::std::vector< ::std::string> argVec(const ::std::string&) const;


    struct OptionDetails
      LengthType length;
      ArgType arg;
        RepeatType repeat;
    typedef ::std::map< ::std::string, OptionDetails> ValidOpts; // Valid options and their details.
    typedef ::std::map< ::std::string, ::std::string> Opts; // Value of non-repeating options.
    typedef ::std::map< ::std::string, ::std::vector< ::std::string> > ROpts; // Value of repeating options.

    void addValidOpt(const ::std::string&, LengthType, ArgType, const ::std::string&, RepeatType);
    ValidOpts::iterator checkOpt(const ::std::string&, LengthType);
    void setOpt(const ::std::string&, const ::std::string&, RepeatType);
    ValidOpts::const_iterator checkOptIsValid(const ::std::string&) const;
    ValidOpts::const_iterator checkOptHasArg(const ::std::string&) const;

    ValidOpts _validOpts;
    Opts _opts;
    ROpts _ropts;

    bool parseCalled;

    RecMutex _m;

    Options(const Options&); // Not allowed.
    void operator=(const Options&); // Not allowed.

    static void checkArgs(const ::std::string&, const ::std::string&, bool, const ::std::string&);



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